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1041 &
Sharon and Mary Alice Necklaces
Pearls and Crystals. Pearl Flower Balls.Breathtaking Backs Collection
Photo courtesy of
Russell Baer Photography

Unusual Pearl Flower Balls combined with Crystals and Pearls.
Mary Alice and Sharon are worn together creating 5-strands of elegance. Create Back Drop Jewelry by wearing 1 strand highlighting the back. Clasp can be worn in front or back.
Natalia Necklace is worn in the hair.

On the cover of I Do...For BridesMagazine

Mary Alice: Triple Strand, Convertible  MSRP:   $450.00
Sharon: Double Strand, Convertible  MSRP:   $325.00
Natalia necklace in the hair.  MSRP:   $500.00

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