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Dana Designs

Wedding and Special Occasion Jewelry

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Dana designs wedding and special occasion jewelry for the discriminating women of today. Her lines include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Dana's latest releases include a line of 'hair jewelry' -- jewelry to adorn ones crowning glory. Gemstone Necklaces are now available, each piece is unique. Choose from a wide variety of styles and gemstone beads. Dana's passion for creating unusual pieces using the beauty found in Godís creation is evident in her unique designs.

Danaís creations are designed to complement the gowns of couture designers such as: Alvina Valenta, Amy Michelson, Anne Barge, Carolina Herrera, Cristos, Christopher and La Lou, Givenchy, Ines Di Santo, Jim Hjelm, Lazaro, Melissa Sweet, Michelle Roth, Nicole Miller, Olga DíGallegos, Oscar de la Renta, Priscilla of Boston, Stephen Yearick, Vera Wang and others.

It has been said of Danaís designs that her creations add a stunning finale to the couture fashions of today.

It has also been said of Danaís wedding jewelry that she has something beautiful for everyone in the wedding partyÖ and if it hasnít been created yet...it could be.

Dana specializes in custom designs. She only asks that she be provided with detailed information about what her clientís desires are, the color and style of the gown to be worn, and any design preferences there are. Dana promises to give each request her individual attention and to create something special and unique to glorify the individual, her gown and her personality.

All pieces are created in the United States by a team of ladies who take great pleasure in working with beautiful components. This can be challenging due to some very difficult procedures sometimes required in the making of many of the unusual pieces. Thatís just part of what goes into the creation of a piece that is truly unique.

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