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About Dana Designs

I started my business accidentally. I simply wanted to make something to solve my daughterís dilemma. Itís turned into a passion to create jewelry for brides (or any Ďprincessí) who desire a unique piece to complement or finish her look.

Complementing the influx of backless and low back gowns my Back drop jewelry was created in 2002 and has been in high demand ever since. My line of 'Breathtaking Backs' featuring backdrops of different sizes, shapes and components, adds the perfect adornment to every bare back.

As seen in Vows Magazine

ďDana got her start when she was inspired to create an original ensemble for her daughterís wedding. The pieces received so much attention, she was asked to create custom pieces for others. Dana soon realized she would have to start stocking pieces to keep up with requests, thus Dana Designs was born. Each of Danaís distinctive designs are inspired by the colors and textures that are becoming evident in today's gowns, and compliment gowns ranging from chic and simple to full and elaborate. Dana Designs offers an unusual and beautiful line of over 300 pieces. Danaís heavenly handcrafted, nuptial necklaces, are the first to draw you in; her matching earrings and bracelets are the icing on the wedding cake. Her unique pieces are made of the highest quality hand selected materials including: Swarovski and Rock Crystals, genuine fresh water pearls, gemstone beads, sterling silver and gold. Some of the most exclusive stores in the country carry this stunning line.ď

I have always been fascinated by beauty in its deepest and purest meaning. The most delicate essences of Godís Creation have enchanted my eyes and fired up my imagination.

Inspired by my daughter, Christie, and supported in my endeavor by my husband, Tom and daughters Tiffany and Jaquie, Iíve gathered Swarovski and rock crystals, hand selected cultured freshwater pearls, semi- precious beads and precious metals, trying to catch the inner magic, idiosyncrasies, and the naked charm of Godís creation in order to reveal all of these to you.

From dispersed, small fragments of Godís lavish splendor, Iíve imagined and designed necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other items, with the purpose to crown the fragile human beauty.

In my unique line of distinctive wedding and special occasion jewelry, each piece is made to illuminate the inner and outer glow of the bride on the most glorious day of her life, when all wishes come true and she can be the princess she has always dreamed of being. My jewel creations are for this unique day, and last longer than the precious memories because they are heirloom quality. I put my heart in these exquisite treasures to enrich the glamour of each special lady.

I carefully work on each creation, as pearls of the highest quality are created Ė one grain at a time. Thus Iím spending every day celebrating Godís amazing Beauty.

Due to popular demand, Iíve recently expanded my lines to include ĎSpecial Occasioní jewelry in stunning black with crystal accents, as well as a fabulous line of Chandelier Earrings with many in vivid color.

I welcome and encourage special orders.

Warm regards,


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